The Korman Collection

The Korman Collection

Jul 13th 2021

A Guide to Engagement with Korman

While engagement ring shopping is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, there are many elements to the decision making process - diamond, setting, metal ect. At Korman, our friendly and experienced team will answer all your questions, sourcing the perfect stone to fit your needs. Below is a glimpse into Korman’s own collection and an FAQ to help you find the perfect ring that will last a lifetime.

What is the Korman Engagement & Bridal Collection?

Korman’s bespoke bridal and engagement collection is handcrafted in Texas and named after notable landmarks within the city of Austin. Each ring is made custom, for the client by the order, and carefully curated by our experienced team.

What is Korman’s certification?

Korman exclusively sells GIA certified stones, all responsibly sourced through a select few suppliers that we have direct contact with and convey our clients needs and desires based on what holds value to them. With a multiple graduate gemologist staff and seasoned diamond experts, Korman is more than qualified to source the perfect stone for you.

What does the custom process look like?

When coming into the store, you are able to see our collection of ring settings. Each setting is available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. You will work with one of our experienced team members to manipulate and customize your desired setting and diamond, creating a ring that signifies your marriage and celebrates your love. Each ring is all cast in one piece and holds lifetime warranty through the manufacturer and Korman.

Whether it is a first time bridal, a 50 year anniversary or anything in between, Korman Fine Jewelry wants to be a part of finding the diamond ring that exemplifies every unique detail that made you fall in love.