Temple St Clair

While studying art and literature in Florence, Italy, Temple St. Clair was tasked by her mother with setting an ancient coin in a jewel. With an artist’s eye and a love for storytelling, St. Clair quickly fell in love with the design of jewelry, and it became intertwined with her own story.

“I am still learning to be a jewelry designer but I am a storyteller.” - Temple St. Clair

Inspired by concepts rooted in mythology, music, and architecture, St. Clair continues to create pieces with rare jewels and distinctive gold work to illustrate universal narratives of the earth and cosmos. Her work has become known for iconic rock crystal amulets, triple granulation and archer’s granule; all signature brand elements with a nod to the designer’s classical foundation.

With an explorer’s heart, St. Clair’s work displays her ongoing quest for the rarest stones in the world such as electric blue Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline, fiery African Tsavorite, and her iconic Royal Blue Moonstone. A journey that has awarded her the Hall of Fame Award for design in 2011 by the Accessories Council, and the GEM Award for Jewelry Design, the industry’s most prestigious honor, for her work on The Golden Menagerie.

Temple St Clair Portrait