September Birthstone...The Sapphire

September Birthstone...The Sapphire

Sep 15th 2022

Along with being one of the most coveted gemstones in history, the sapphire is the captivating birthstone of September. Commonly associated with royalty, the gem has been adorned by the kings and queens of ancient Greece to Queen Elizabeth herself. This “gem of heaven” can be found in biblical history as well. In the prophet Ezekiel’s visions, he sees Jesus Christ sitting upon a throne of sapphire. Ancient Persians also associated the stone with the heavens, believing that the entire Earth rested on a giant sapphire, painting the sky a brilliant blue on a clear day.

You may be wondering how such a stone fit for the heavens and royalty could possibly be part of your everyday look. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. With a ranking of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, sapphires are more than suitable for everyday wear, physically and aesthetically!

September studs are designer Nina Wynn’s specialty. Her threadless earring design makes layering piercings easier than ever, ditching the backs entirely! Which means room for sapphires all the way up the ear. These sapphire studs are sure to be on every birthday wish list this month!

Your gold choker necklace will never go out of style, but why not dress it up? Our adjustable yellow gold sapphire choker necklace will have you convinced that sapphire blue is the new black! Wear it for a bold pop of color with a neutral outfit, or pair it with a brightly colored top to make a statement.

Our newest designer collection, Walters Faith, caught our eye by making sapphires an easy addition to any look. Luxury meets wearability in their sapphire bangle bracelet, contrasting the cool deep sapphire blue with warm rose gold. September is a big birthday month, so why not gift something to pair with an everyday staple? Their sapphire locket pairs perfectly with any paperclip chain and is the perfect gift for a September birthday girl!

Looking for an engagement ring that’s one of a kind? Colored rings are in and sapphire just might steal the show this upcoming engagement season! Every bride needs their something blue, whether it be a hydrangea in her bouquet or the show stopping ring on her finger.

If you’re a diamond girl who loves the blue, add a sapphire band to your stack! Sapphires are said to attract abundance, blessings, and gifts, so what better way to commemorate a milestone anniversary or incorporate your favorite color?

It’s no surprise that blue is the most popular favorite color. Lucky for you September Virgos and Libras, we’ve got plenty of it here at Korman. We have the best selection of sapphire jewelry in Austin.  Shop online or pay us a visit!