All You Need to Know - Diamond Bands

All You Need to Know - Diamond Bands

Jun 8th 2023

When it comes to diamond bands, you can truly have it all.


Want your diamonds to catch eyes from any angle? Eternity bands have diamonds set entirely around the ring. This creates a bigger look with diamonds that will make a statement from the moment you wave hello. These are the most popular options for wedding and anniversary bands. What better way to commemorate your endless love than with diamonds that never end?

Half eternity bands are characterized by diamonds set across only the shaft (top half) of the ring. This gives a similar look to an eternity band at a lower cost. Depending on the carat weight of the stones, half eternity bands can be more wearable since they do not have diamonds on the underside. When it comes to re-sizing your band, this option also offers more flexibility, with no stones needing to be added or removed.

¾ bands offer these same benefits, but are a happy medium between half and full eternity bands price and look wise. They are a bit more deceptive than half bands, creating the illusion that the stones continue on by making them visible on the side of the finger as well as the top. This is a great option if you’re shopping for an eternity band on a budget.


Imagine an eternity band. Are the diamonds round? While this traditional band will never go out of style, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this jewelry essential! Why choose one shape when you can have them all? We all love the brilliant round and mirrored staircase facets of the classic emerald cut, but if you’re searching for something more unique you may want to stop by to try on our heart shaped diamond eternity bands. Maybe your heart is set on an emerald cut but you crave the brilliance of a round? We’ve got the solution! Half and half shaped eternity bands are on the rise. Wear this band to represent both you and your spouse, your two kids or just because you can rock it.


Round: What makes a round so classic? It’s the most brilliant of all diamond shapes. Rounds are cut with 58 facets, which are the flat reflective surfaces that create that stunning sparkle! Facets allow light to enter the diamond and bounce back at you. The symmetry of a round is the perfect recipe for brilliance, allowing equal distance for the light to bounce off the diamond and back at you.

Emerald: Looking for a more modern look? With their mirror-like staircase facets, emerald cuts create a mesmerizing geometric appearance.

Oval: With brilliance comparable to a round, ovals offer a bigger look with their large surface area and elongated shape.

Pear, Heart and more Fancy Shapes: Any diamond that is not cut into a round is considered to be a fancy shape diamond. The monster bands at Korman take this title to the next level.

Shop Show-Stopping Shapes:

Want to learn more about different diamond shapes? Stay tuned on the Korman blog, on instagram @kormanfinejewelry and subscribe to our e-newsletter for all you need to know! 

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