In the ancient Italian village of Valenza, known for its fine jewelry making, founder Giuseppe Picchiotti opened the doors of his atelier nearly half a century ago.

Run by Picchiotti and seven family members, the charismatic, multi-generational group creates one-of-a-kind pieces entirely in house, assuring excellence of execution and complete quality control from start to finish.

Transcending trends, Picchiotti is inspired by classical lines and magnificent gems, creating elegant pieces that are often described as “timeless heirlooms” to be passed on for generations to come. Maintaining the enduring style and distinctive pattern that characterizes the brand, Picchiotti has gradually introduced new pieces with innovative design, inspired by modern and vibrant fashion, to be worn as “everyday” accessories that reflect his cherished standards of quality and craftsmanship, with all the attributes of Fine Jewelry.

Each creation is as unique as its wearer, reflecting Picchiotti’s legendary quality, beauty and style.

The Picchiotti Fine Jewelry Family