The storied past of Italy's preeminent high-jeweler, Picchiotti unfolds nearly half a century ago in Valenza, an ancient Italian village known for jewelry-making, whenfounder Giuseppe Picchiotti opened the doors of his atelier. From an early age, Picchiotti had a clear vision for creating Fine Jewelry, and today he is known the world over as the premier jeweler of Italy.

The legendary family enterprise is precision-run by Picchiotti and seven family members, a charismatic, multi-generational group that creates one-of-a-kind pieces and oversees all aspects of the business. The Picchiotti story is a special one – uniting thrilling, unique Fine Jewelry designs with their extraordinary creators: the family Picchiotti.

The Picchiotti atelier in Valenza produces masterful miniature works of art with élan for its legions of appreciative fans. Picchiotti’s sophisticated collection is created entirely inhouse, assuring excellence of execution and complete quality control from start to finish.

Picchiotti painstakingly oversees every aspect of the creative process, but he also carves out time to scour the globe in search of rare stones befitting his elite brand. These forays uncover magnificent gems that often inspire new signature pieces.

Picchiotti’s designs are traditionally inspired by classical lines and are characterized by the elegance of their style, transcending fickle trends. Customers describe them as “timeless heirlooms” to be passed on to a favorite daughter or niece, for generations to come.

Additionally, with an open mind toward the challenging economic environment and the evolution in consumers’ needs and tastes, Picchiotti has gradually introduced new lines characterized by innovative design and inspired by modern and vibrant fashion, while maintaining an enduring style and a distinctive pattern. These pieces have been conceived to be worn as “everyday” accessories, yet they reflect Picchiotti’s cherished standards of quality and craftsmanship, with all the attributes of Fine Jewelry.

The artful fusion of classical styling interpreted for modern collectors has landed Picchiotti's work in the grateful hands of the world’s most prestigious retailers. The company’s dedication to excellence in the art of designing and manufacturing has been recognized by the industry through several awards, including the Basel Award, Couture Design Award, and the Platinum Guild Best of Show Design Award.

A certificate of authenticity accompanies every master craftsman’s work from the Picchiotti atelier. Every piece in the exclusive collection is stamped with the “Picchiotti” signature mark, the purchaser’s assurance that the piece is a genuine Picchiotti design. Each creation is as unique as its wearer, reflecting Picchiotti’s legendary quality, beauty and style.

The Picchiotti Fine Jewelry Family