Which Diamond Eternity Band Is Right for You?

Which Diamond Eternity Band Is Right for You?

Apr 18th 2022

Brides can now wear their style with new and emerging designs for diamond eternity bands. From different shapes, sizes, shades, and finishes, eternity bands are no longer just a symbol of commitment but also a way for brides to identify with themselves. They are also the best jewelry that can transform any bride's mood.

If you’re looking for something that can instantly brighten your day every time you look down at your fingers, check this article out where we list some of our favorite diamond bands that are sure to lift your mood and match your everyday style.

Thin Band with White Diamonds

                                                    diamond eternity bands

If you’re the kind who embraces simplicity, minimalism, and subtlety, you’ll love the quiet elegance of a thin band lined with brilliant white diamonds. This classic band will never go out of style and is perfect for those who want a timeless design. Check out this ring here.

Emerald-Shaped Diamonds

                                                            diamond eternity bands

Emerald-cut diamonds have a beautiful “old world” feel to them and this ring is no exception. This style will fit any chic fashionista on the hunt for the best eternity rings that radiate sparkle and brilliance but in a subdued and timeless way.

A ring with an emerald-cut stone is also a striking option for brides who have a more outgoing personality. The emerald-cut width and design emphasize the stone's color and clarity, resulting in a ring that makes a spectacular statement.

Also, brides who enjoy art and design will appreciate the geometric elegance of the cut.

Channel Set Diamonds

                                                                    diamond eternity bands

This channel set of diamonds is ideal for brides who prefer timeless looks and classic style. The round-cut diamond band is a stunning choice that will make anyone feel elegant, attractive, and confident.

The picture above is a band designed by Oscar Heyman. Oscar Heyman specializes in heirloom-quality jewelry and wedding bands with the most exacting standards in the quality of the stones and the grace of the stone settings.

Alternating Marquise and Round Diamonds

                                                                      diamond eternity bands

A one-of-a-kind diamond eternity ring would be the ideal choice for people who enjoy creating a fashion statement. A floral-inspired Alternating Marquise and Round Diamond ring like the one above is a distinctive ring that is sure to attract praise and attention.

How to Pick Your Ring
If you’re not sure which style to pick, the following will help you narrow down your options:

Setting a budget before you go shopping can help you save time and avoid getting side-tracked and overwhelmed by the many designs and styles available.

Do you prefer yellow gold, white gold, or platinum band? Think about what metal material you like. There’s yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold, and you can choose whatever you like, but the budget can also play a role in this.

White gold, for example, costs less than platinum, so you can go for white gold instead if getting platinum will be a problem.

Your ring should be beautiful but also practical. Consider the design of the ring and whether it will suit your lifestyle. Go for one that fits your lifestyle and your options will narrow down.

Whatever style you pick, make sure you take proper care of the symbol of your everlasting love. Below are some of the best practices for taking care of your diamond engagement rings and wedding bands.

Diamond Cleaning
Bridal jewelry, such as engagement rings and wedding bands, is often worn on a daily basis and can lose its luster if not cleaned regularly.

Oil, debris, and cosmetic residue can build up over time. So, knowing how to clean your engagement ring and wedding band is essential for keeping it looking its best.

Take note, however, that do-it-yourself cleaning should not be a substitute for professional cleaning. While you may easily remove surface buildup and restore shine at home, professional cleanings will securely remove the hard layers of deep, compressed filth and debris.

As well, while cleaning is always an option for bands that get dirty, you can also take better care of your ring by not wearing them when doing tough work or when you’re going in chlorinated pools and hot tubs.

How to Clean Diamond Rings
You can restore the luster of your diamond rings tarnished by ordinary cosmetics such as hairspray, lotion, makeup, or perfume. The easiest way to clean them is to mix a solution of warm (almost hot) water and dishwashing soap. Soak your ring for 20 to 40 minutes, then gently brush the stone with a very soft toothbrush. Rinse under warm running water then repeat the process if necessary.

When drying the ring, avoid using paper towels because they may scratch the band. Instead, dry it with a soft cotton cloth or just let it air dry.

How Often Should You Clean Your Diamond Eternity Bands
Clean your ring once a week to prevent the buildup of oil. However, aside from regular DIY cleaning, it's also a good idea to have it cleaned at your jeweler about twice a year—or even more frequently if your ring has been exposed to a lot of debris.

If you're very active outdoors or in the kitchen and there's a thick, compacted coating of oil or dirt on the stone, it's better to get it cleaned at the jewelers using professional-grade solutions that will safely restore the stone's brightness.

If you can't visit the jeweler as often, we recommend removing your ring when working out or performing activities that may harm the diamonds. You may also use gloves to protect your ring from scratches and dirt.

Still Have Questions? Ask Us!
If you need help choosing your diamond eternity band, get in touch with us and we’ll help you choose one that fits your needs and your budget without cramping your style. We’d also be happy to provide you with all the information you need on how you can take proper care of your diamonds. Contact us today or browse through our collection now!

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