Types of Diamond Bracelets You Can Have Fun Styling

Types of Diamond Bracelets You Can Have Fun Styling

Jan 10th 2022

While looking over various designs online for diamond bracelets, it is easy to pick out the simpler styles that you know you can potentially get quite a bit of use out of. These are the styles that you already know you like, and you know you can wear with a variety of different outfits on many occasions. However, we would encourage you to look a little bit further and have some fun when selecting the next styles you want in a new bracelet. Though it might be tempting to get just a tennis bracelet and keep things simple, it could also be a great option to go just beyond your norm and start looking at designs that match your tastes but still provide you with some variety.

At Korman, we like to provide a natural balance between classic, elegant, and more creative styles of jewelry so that people with all sorts of preferences can have options fit for any occasion. You can still have your traditional chic white gold tennis bracelet, but you can also go beyond such a simple design and try out something outside of your typical jewelry repertoire. If you have been hoping for ways to add a little more color, personality, or spice to your jewelry collection, then we have some helpful tips that can guide you in the right direction.

One of the most engaging aspects of wearing jewelry is having the ability to change things up at a moment's notice. You can easily take off a piece of jewelry and swap it out for something else to match your mood, outfit, or occasion. Bracelets and rings are great components to a look since they reveal themselves with every gesture. Take a look at these particular examples of diamond bracelets that can be worn to accessorize and accentuate any kind of look you have in mind. You may be able to find the perfect jewelry that stands out to you and helps you to get more out of the looks you create.

Eccentric Styles
Some styles of diamond bracelets just stand out more than others by nature of their "out there" or eclectic designs. These interesting designs of bracelets are always exciting to see since they do so much to challenge the vision that many have when thinking of fine jewelry. Ordinarily, simple bands and bangles with accents of fine jewels first come to mind, not designs of vivid green snakes wrapping around the arm or the evil eye looking directly at you. These kinds of bracelets are statement pieces that can do a lot to carry a look and make it that much more eye-catching.


Chain of Colors
Understandably, colorless diamonds are often considered the most classic and timeless of all the variants that diamonds naturally occur in. These brilliant, clear jewels pair well with anything you plan on wearing for the day, so it is no surprise that it has become the preferred choice for many when selecting diamond jewelry. As much as we adore these diamonds, we would still like to encourage you to try other colors of diamonds in colors such as yellow. They can add so much personality in such an understated way that it is a good look for many to play off of. You can easily find diamond bracelets studded with beautiful gemstones that add a certain sparkle and flare to a new bracelet.

Mixing Materials
The usual go-to combination for a designer bracelet is diamond paired with yellow or white gold. It is a timeless combination for sure, but far from the only option you have. Many other styles of diamond bracelets include alternative materials like leather and beadwork that still give off that luxurious feeling, but with the materials you may surprise you with their overall quality.

At Korman, we want to ensure that everyone who shops with us is provided with some inspiration for the different types of fine jewelry that you can wear casually or for special occasions. There are so many options for jewelry, it may get overwhelming at times. Jewelry offers so many ways that you can wear any one of your pieces with certain outfits and for certain occasions. When shopping at Korman, we are there to help you every step of the way to find exactly what you’re looking for. We want all of our pieces at Korman to be worn and loved, so feel free to experiment with designs that you think you might like and enjoy the styling experience we can provide.

Take your time looking over our selection of diamond bracelets and see which pieces stand out to you the most. The ones that catch your eye might be the very same ones that you reach for often from your jewelry box. Play around with the styles of the diamond bracelets you wear and see what that does for you. As always, if you need any additional support while making your decision, please reach out to us for anything. We’re always happy to help in any way we can.

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