Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Eternity Bands

Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Eternity Bands

Oct 6th 2022

There’s no better way to celebrate everyday than with a diamond eternity band. Often given as tokens of affection or commitment, eternity bands are the perfect every day sparkle that can stack, stand alone, or pair with an engagement ring. Often encircled with precious gems, eternity bands tend to feature a repeating pattern of diamonds. Ulike traditional engagement rings where one stone stands alone, diamond eternity bands sparkle all the way around.

Diamond bands are also a great addition to your daily ring stack, sentimental or not. Why wait for someone else to make your diamond band dreams come true?  With a wide range of diamond eternity bands in yellow, white, and rose gold, Korman has the ring for any style or occasion.

Until your next visit, here’s what you need to know about these show-stopping rings…

Why Are They Called Diamond Eternity Bands?

With origins dating back to ancient Egypt, the modern popularity of eternity bands can be credited to De Beers Jewelers, who popularized the ring in the 1960s through efforts to sell small stockpiled diamonds. Now a part of modern gift giving, eternity bands are true to their namesake both in design and tradition. With gemstones that seem to have no beginning or end as they fully encircle the ring, these stones seem to go on for an “eternity” around the finger of the wearer. Playing off of this design, these rings are commonly given as an anniversary or milestone gift, often standing as a symbol of eternal love. Diamonds are forever, so what better way to declare your love?

The Variations of a Diamond Eternity Band

If you like the look of an eternity band but are wanting a slimmer design, a half-eternity ring may be just what you’re looking for. Featuring gems that are set only across the front half of the ring and the other half without stones, half-eternity bands are the perfect way to get the full eternity look at a lower cost and slimmer design.

These precious stones that characterize a diamond eternity band also come in a variety of cuts. Compliment your emerald cut engagement ring with an emerald shape eternity band, or add an oval cut band to your everyday stack. Want a ring for a truly everlasting love? These stunning rings can be adorned with heart-shaped diamonds as well!

Should You Wear a Diamond Eternity Band as a Wedding Ring?

Eternity rings are rapidly becoming non-traditional alternatives to classic engagement rings. As more and more couples look for unique, inspired ways to break from tradition while still honoring timeless commitments, eternity rings are growing in popularity.

Often given as a milestone after an engagement ring, many women chose to wear their diamond eternity band in its place. Its design is more wearable than traditional engagement rings, with diamonds that wrap around the band rather than a larger stone set on top. It is also more compatible with other rings by design.

Is It Appropriate to Wear an Eternity Band If You Are Not Married?

With the tradition of modern eternity bands suggesting they be worn by married couples, there is no fast rule that you can’t or shouldn’t wear one without being married.

Eternity bands are the perfect gift to celebrate a graduation, a promotion, a new job, or any important life milestone. Every occasion deserves a sparkle! On that note, you don’t need an occasion at all to wear a diamond band. Rings are the item of jewelry most visible to the wearer, so why not look at something as pretty as a diamond band everyday? Don’t wait on someone else to celebrate you with a diamond band, you deserve it whether someone tells you that or not.

How to Wear a Diamond Eternity Band?

As we’ve established, there are no rules when it comes to eternity bands! Traditionally, an eternity ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, below an engagement ring. This is because ancient Egyptians believed there was a vein in this finger that led straight to the heart. As stunning as this timeless look may be, a row of such stunning diamonds will look good anywhere! Stack your eternity bands for a stack that would catch anyone’s eye, or wear them across different fingers for a full look. 

                  diamond eternity band

The easiest jewelry to pair a diamond eternity band with is your wedding ring or engagement ring. Stack eternity bands underneath or on top or wear across multiple fingers. Diamond bands are versatile, easy pieces to incorporate into any wardrobe however you like. Don’t forget your pinky finger!

Come Celebrate Every Day with Us!

We carry a wide range of eternity bands, including highlights from Sethi Couture and Oscar Heyman, in a large assortment of designs and styles.

While a picture says a thousand words, an experience is unrivaled. Come visit us in our Austin boutique to see firsthand pieces speak to you. Come celebrate with us and our experienced jewelers will help you find the perfect ring, either for you or for that special person in your life.

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