Jewelry Travel Hacks

Jewelry Travel Hacks

Jul 26th 2022

Travel in Style

Summer is here! No matter where you might be traveling this season, bangles, diamonds, and beads are a necessity. But no one wants to waste their vacay untangling a spiderweb of necklaces or searching for a missing diamond stud. You might wonder how to skip the hassle without sacrificing style for the sake of convenience. 

Korman’s got you covered with the travel tips to keep your jewelry organized on the go.

Bright as a Button

How many times have you lost an earring? These dainty diamonds are like finding a needle in a haystack and always seem to disappear when you’re in a rush for the perfect accessory. It’s hard enough to keep track of these in our everyday routine, let alone when traveling. Who knew something as simple as a button could be the answer?! No more lone wolf studs or missing backs!

Skip the Spiderweb

Sometimes a necklace stack is the missing puzzle piece to the perfect outfit. Vacation is the perfect time to capture every moment… and every look! The biggest fashion mishap is when you open your travel bag to find all of your necklaces in a tangled mess. Use straws to keep your necklaces organized and tangle free!

The Ultimate Keychain

No one wants to leave their everyday ring behind when it’s checkout time. Use a paperclip to keep your daily stack together and pack in peace!

Okay, we might have gotten some inspiration from Spinelli Kilcollin. These gorgeous rings are linked together so no stack is ever incomplete! Wear one on each finger or layer on one.

Traveling is all about relaxing and taking in every moment. It does NOT involve untangling or searching for missing jewelry. With these DIY organization hacks, you can travel in style and never hold back from creating memories in the pieces you love most. Nothing will get in your way of celebrating everyday!