Fine Jewelry Repair Services

Ring & Fine Jewelry Repair Services

At Korman Fine Jewelry, we have an on-site jewelry repair facility and a Master Jeweler, Chuck Schaffer. Our facility is equipped with the latest technology. Your precious jewelry will be handled with the utmost care.

We know how important it is to you and are sensitive to the fact that it can be uncomfortable to leave your treasures. Therefore, we take time to map all significant diamonds and inspect them before they are taken in for repair.

Korman Fine Jewelry Offers The Following Services:

Cleaning And Maintenance

Korman Fine Jewelry provides free professional cleaning and inspections of your fine jewelry. It is common to have a stone loose without being aware that there is a problem. We recommend that you have your jewelry inspected at least once a year.

Custom Design

In addition to the modern computer assisted design (CAD), our Master Jeweler, Chuck, provides the traditional hand carved lost-wax process as well.


Our Master Jeweler provides a range of machine and hand engraving services including inside ring engraving, bangles and charms. He also does a variety of outside engraving on watch casebacks, monograms and crests on signet rings and filigree shank work. Hand engraving can include lettering, monogram and design enhanced scroll work.

Laser Welding

Micro laser welding is a technique that has revolutionized the quality and precision of jewelry repair and custom designs. It is a process that uses light energy to weld all types of metals making the area virtually seamless and much stronger than conventional methods.

Gold Purchases

If you have any jewelry that you aren’t wearing and would like to repurpose it or sell it, we will be happy to give you a quote on purchasing it from you. We will evaluate it by means of gold content and gram weight and give you a fair market price consistent with the spot price of gold while you wait. If there are stones to be removed from the scrap items, Chuck will remove them at no additional cost, and they will be returned to you within two business days.

Chuck Schaffer

Master Jeweler/GIA Certified Gemologist/Appraiser

Korman Fine Jewelry wants to help you get the most enjoyment out of your fine jewelry by providing expert jewelry repair from our on-site Master Jeweler, Chuck Schaffer. Chuck has over forty years of service in jewelry repair and custom jewelry designs. He is an expert in stone settings of all types and shapes. He is committed to making your custom dream a reality.