FOPE is an Italian goldsmith which in time has evolved into an international jewelry brand. The headquarters and the production facilities are located in Vicenza, Italy, where the company was established in 1929. Today every piece of jewelry is still proudly made in-house and then shipped to more than 50 countries in the world, fulfilling the founders vision which the brand’s name mirrors. FOPE, in fact, translates into Factory of Jewelry Precious Export.

All the FOPE creations share a distinctive character given by the signature Novecento gold mesh chain they feature, a timeless classic turned into a true icon thanks to its elegant gold weave varying in gauge and design. This signature jewelry features a quintessentially Italian idea of style which has granted worldwide success to the brand.

In 2007 the launch of Flex’it represented the ultimate milestone for FOPE: the company patented an updated version of its own invention from back the 50s and thus introduced a brand new way of wearing gold jewels. The original Flex’it system features dozens of tiny gold springs which are masterfully placed between each link of an 18 carat gold chain and render it fully flexible. The resulting bracelets (and rings) represent a ground-breaking idea of contemporary luxury which FOPE applied to most of the current best-selling collections.

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