Forte Bead Kit

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Carolina Bucci 18KT Multi Capsule Forte Bead Kit.  FORTE Beads Necklace and Bracelet Kit comes with 84 vibrant hard-stone beads in a preset rainbow of colors, two Florentine Finish 18k Gold beads and a bracelet and necklace cord in the color of your choice.   

The FORTE Beads collection offers four exclusive color Lurex cords to choose from, with beautifully crafted Florentine Finish end caps in 18k Gold: Storm, Gunmetal, Sun & Moon

Create your own distinctive designs by threading on the beads and tying the cord to your preferred length. The FORTE Beads Necklace can be easily styled as a wrap bracelet or choker, allowing you to express your personal style in a creative way everyday. Additional 18k Gold beads and Florentine Finish 18k letters can be bought separately to personalize your look. 

Colorways available: Rainbow and Moonbow