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Celebrate your love, today and everyday. beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands.

Nothing promises forever like an elegant diamond ring that will take her breath away. Our store boasts a hand selected collection of engagement rings. With such a wonderful selection, you can be sure to find the diamond ring that exemplifies every unique detail that made you fall in love.

As you embark on the amazing journey of life and love together, signify your marriage with a timeless engagement ring from Korman Fine Jewelry. Our friendly and experienced team will assist in sourcing the perfect stone for your budget and building the perfect home for it that will represent your love for one another, the pledge to lessen life’s load, and the happiness that being together brings. To better understand how to find the perfect diamond, we invite you to visit our diamonds page or browse the tutorial created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) that explains the “Four C’s” of qualifying a diamond- Cut, clarity, color, carat.

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