Corporate Incentives

At Korman Fine Jewelry, we believe in positively motivating those around us to see everyone’s best potential on display day after day. And it’s not just us who feels that way! Studies show that employee engagement increases more than 20% when managers recognize their staff weekly instead of monthly and even more so when it occurs daily.

Whether you host annual awards ceremonies or have monthly meetings that recognize individual achievements, Korman has corporate incentive gifts that will:

  • Express appreciation for an employee’s hard work
  • Instill trust and loyalty between your team
  • Create a more effective and conscious work environment

Here you will find great suggestions for recognizing your staff. However, this is fully customizable and we can create and find exactly what you envision that will inspire your team.

Celebrate Every Day!


Employee appreciation and recognition are huge factors in keeping your staff motivated. Incorporating incentives promotes team building and will keep all of your employees engaged and positive. Whether it be individual accolades, public or personalized awards; or anniversary and milestone celebrations, you can directly impact the environment and atmosphere of your company by applauding your team.

Sales Incentives

In many organizations, the greatest investment is in the people who achieve overall business objectives. Even the most comprehensive compensation program needs an extra push. Sales incentive programs afford companies an opportunity to increase performance by providing a motivational incentive. Celebrate your success!


People everywhere want to know their work makes a difference, to know their work is valued, and to feel they are building a successful career with their company.

  • Year 1: After 1 year of employment, a person will feel a sense of belonging as well as a budding confidence in their capabilities.
  • Year 5: Over the next 5 years, confidence becomes expertise. This employee enjoys not only performing well, but also the relationships with their co-workers.
  • Year 10: After 10 years, an employee sees their company more as a family, coming with both feelings of pride and investment in its future.
  • Year 25: After 25 years, this veteran employee has seen the ups and downs of their company. They have grown to become a mentor to junior staff and their experience is increasingly invaluable.

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Celebrate Your Employees!

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