Charles Krypell

With boutiques across the United States, Charles Krypell from New York is a master to timeless design, customer service and superlative quality. A native New Yorker, Charles discovered his calling as a designer while attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. During this transformational period, Charles was fortunate to apprentice and work alongside master carver turned sculptor, Toshio Odate and porcelain designer, Sandra Pailet. Through this study, he mastered the infrastructure of how to look, feel, carve, and create three dimensional designs into appreciated art. He gained recognition for his creative work and quickly fell in love with designing jewelry interpreted through a dimensional approach.

Currently, his line includes four exceptional collections: The Precious Pastels which utilizes the most sought after and rarest natural red, blue, pink, yellow, and white diamonds in highly limited designs; The Pastels Collection combining the best in precious stones of aquamarine, rubelite, peridot, and morganite with diamonds; 18k Gold Collection featuring bold and dramatic discerning design forms with diamonds; and the Sterling Silver Collection fashioned with accents of sterling, gold, diamonds, pearls, and sapphires.

charles krypell fine jewelry