Celebrate You

Celebrate You

Jun 28th 2022

Celebrate You: Korman’s synopsis of Lynn Yaeger’s “The Life-Affirming Joy of Buying Fine Jewelry For Yourself” - Town & Country Magazine

For many, the first (and sometimes only) piece of fine jewelry they ever own is their engagement ring. For Lynn Yaeger, it was a 14-karat gold locket she bought for herself at the age of 12. 


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“Buying jewelry for yourself is one of the most satisfying, joyful, life-affirming experiences you can have,” Yaeger writes. “Who wants to wait around until a romantic partner stumbles into your life, and why should this hapless soul be expected to know what you really want”?

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Society has conditioned us to feel like self-purchasing fine jewelry is selfish or indefensible. So we wait, and play what Yaeger calls a “miserable” game of hoping but never acting on the things we truly want.

Yaeger breaks down these stereotypes surrounding self-purchases by stating that buying jewelry is no more selfish than buying clothes or other day-to-day purchases. It is these stereotypes that prevent us from seeing the benefits of these purchases and buying the things that our heart desires.

“Why is it okay to buy your living room a dazzling chandelier but not all right to spend the same amount on a pair of chandelier earrings?...In fact it is far more practical. Jewelry holds its value,” Yeager writes.

You can’t wear a chandelier out on a night on the town, and you can’t pass a bank statement down to your granddaughter as a cherished heirloom.                                                                                                                    

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If those are not reasons enough to justify buying jewelry for yourself, do it for the simple reason that you deserve it. You are worthy of that piece you’ve been eyeing and you don’t need anyone else to tell you that. Make an investment of joy, value, and memories. As Yaeger writes, “Celebrate the most deserving person in your life: you”.