August Birthstone - The Peridot

August Birthstone - The Peridot

Aug 8th 2022

It’s Leo season! What better jewel to represent the fiercest fire sign than the peridot? Similarly to diamonds, peridot requires extremely high temperatures to crystallize. In Hawaiian culture, the fiery gem was believed to have been made of the tears of Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes. To this day, the precious stone can still be found on Hawaiian beaches due to volcanic activity.

Don’t think we forgot about you August Virgo’s! The peridot also happens to be the perfect accessory for your gentle earth sign. Appearing in stunning hues of green, peridot is one of the only gems to come in only one color. Aside from diamonds, they are also the only gem formed deep in the Earth’s mantle.

No matter what your sign, you can never go wrong with a stud. A unique and personalized twist on this simple staple, a square-cut pop of peridot green makes the perfect addition to a classic diamond stud. This piece is the perfect way to delicately incorporate your breathtaking birthstone.

With such a striking color, this gemstone is one to show off. Pairing perfectly with gold, these Goshwara gems are the perfect everyday essentials. Take birthstone jewelry to the next level with these stunning emerald cut beauties and add a personal touch to your daily paperclip chain and ring! 

Bring on the birthstone bangle! The perfect addition to any stack, this pop of olive green is a necessity. Let this jewel on your wrist be a constant reminder that you are as fiery, stunning, and valuable as your birthstone. If it’s not a bangle day, opt for the matching mini bauble ring to keep those daily affirmations in mind.

It’s no secret that Leo’s are known to make a statement. Of course, those cusp Virgo’s do too! This dazzling pansy brooch has been an Oscar Heyman staple since 1930, and it’s no surprise that the peridot caught the Heyman brothers’ eyes for this piece. Once exclusive to Tiffany & Co., this historic piece is now waiting for you at Korman. Accompanied by citrines, diamonds and sapphires, that peridot green is the star of the show.

Found in meteorites, peridot is one of the few gemstones to make a statement that is truly out of this world. With its stunning olive green to pale lime hue, this gem is one we see being all the rage in the upcoming year. 

Stop by Korman and let us help you break out the birthstone bling!