A native Texas brand with Old World charm, Armenta is easy and fun to wear. Founded in Houston, Texas in 2002, while in graduate school at Rice University, Emily Armenta embarked on a creative journey that has moved far beyond the class project it started as. She is inspired by the stories that artists and great leaders tell through their art, or the struggles they’ve had to overcome. “Thus Duende is a power and not a behavior; it is the struggle that one must endure to create something of greatness”.

In search of her own Duende, she discovered the work of Federico García Lorca. The underlying message that is intricately woven throughout each collection is to challenge the status quo, embrace diversity, and embrace the struggle to make a difference. Through her jewelry, she strives to preserve the rich heritage of handcrafted jewelry-making techniques, combined with her sense of duty through social responsibility and a passion for creating a life with meaning. The iconic Armenta elements include the crivelli, the scroll, and the addition of mixed metals with a play on textures.

As part of her social responsibility, she created a jewelry making school, which equips and empowers women from difficult backgrounds with the tools to become an artisan in jewelry-making and take command of their own lives. Since she began her company, Emily abides by her core values and uses jewelry as a platform of self-expression to share her philosophy and dedication to being a positive force that empowers others around her.

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